Speeding is going to take a whole new twist with the latest update to the Nintendo Mario Kart 8. The new, spunked up Mario Kart 8 update will come with an all new speed grade of 200 cc for the delightful kart. Come April 23 and fans will see how fast Mario Kart 8 can actually get. The makers have also posted three videos that compare variation of speed after the game has seen the 200 cc tag addition, versus the older Piranha Plant Pipeway, 150 cc.

Video footages reveal that the ramp jump distances have gone for a hike andMario Kart 8 Game In April the momentum will now permit gamers to swish around corners on rough surfaces. With the 200 cc mark, racers will now also be able to take a complete jump over an arch on the last third on the track. However, not just speed, this calls for gamers to have more focus and better practice with the break.

The update, as revealed above, will be free and on the very same day Mario Kart 8 will also receive the second DLC pack. The pack will include new and playable versions of Villager and Isabelle too.

Look out for a slew of latest Amiibo outfits besides newer tracks for racing with this latest update.