Nintendo has launched a slew of new products in the gaming market recently to attract video game players. It is leaving no stones unturned to attract video game players even as it struggles to consolidate its presence in the home console market. However, Nintendo recently released its handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 2DS, which has been received with much aplomb because it is affordable, albeit without any major changes to its design. 

Nintendo 2DS: Is it Nintento’s Trump Card?

Nintendo seems to have perfectly timed the price drop for the Nintendo 3DS. Also, it introduced an interesting lineup of exciting games like the Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Super Mario 3D Land. With such measures, sales for the popular Nintendo 3DS have certainly received a boost. The Nintendo 4DS is undoubtedly the top-selling component of the video game hardware and has retained this position for a long time in the United States. As per the NPD Group, it reigned at the top selling spot for five consecutive months.

It comes as a surprise to see that Nintendo has announced the 2DS. The 2DS is essentially an entry-level segment handheld and it does not feature a 3D option and it does not receive any significant design changes. However, the 2DS exemplifies an easily affordable, solid substitute for the more expensive one that is directed at the mass buyers and has access to an exhaustive game library.

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