Nikon sure knows how to stay at the top of its game. Just as you thought Nikon cameras were missing the bull’s eye amid competition from Sony, the Japanese giant has launched its latest Selfie Stick—the N-MP001. The pain of holding your camera right or placing it at the right height will now cease to exist, thanks to the wonder-device.

Nikon Launches Coolpix Selfie Stick N-MP001 While selfie sticks from other makers had been doing the rounds of late, Nikon’s innovation is seen as a top notch one in terms of appeal and quality.  The makers have confirmed compatibility with a wide array of Coolpix point-and-shoot cameras.



Noticeable specifications of the Nikon selfie stick:

  • 0.41 lbs weight
  • Supports 0.88 lbs weight for camera
  • Stick length of 7.28 inches in collapsed form
  • Stick length of 28.54 inches when completely extended
  • Connects via camera’s tripod socket
  • Foam grip
  • Comes with hand strap
  • Non-mobile pan head attached

However, it has no wireless shutter installed unlike other sticks for smartphone cameras. Also, the stick only helps you with positioning the camera right. You need to work out the shot timings and strategy yourself. The price has not been leaked or announced yet but we hope it is an economic bargain.