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Nikon D7100 Vs Canon EOS 60D: The Better Pick For Professional Photo-Enthusiasts

There’s a huge market of DSLRs out there for the professional photographer or the photo-enthusiast. But when you’ve got such a wide variety, it isn’t hard to get completely confused about which of them is the right fit for you. Today, we’re pitting the Nikon D7100 against the Canon EOS 60D to check their strengths and advantages.

Nikon D7100: Nikon’s D7100 is an HD-SLR camera with a 24.1 MP CMOS sensor and is the company’s flagship DX model. It can record videos at full HD 1080p resolution, has a 51-point autofocus system and built-in stereo microphones. It promises truer color reproduction and lesser noise in poor lighting conditions. It also supports WiFi through Nikon’s WU-1a unit. There’s also an optional 1.3x crop mode which can allow the camera 2X focal length increase. Another interesting feature in the D7100 is ‘spot white balance’ ability, letting users adjust white balance by taking the reading from a specific part of the scene. The Auto ISO mode will remind you of the D800 and the D5200, so users can choose the minimum shutter speed automatically for the lens’s focal length. It’s water and dust resistant as well.

Canon EOS 60D: Canon’s EOS 60D is an ideal pick for the photography enthusiast and is beyond just an ordinary beginner’s model, and here’s why. An 18 MP CMOS sensor with an ISO speed between 100 and 6400 gives quite a bit of versatility in the hands of the photographer. It can also record videos at 1080p full HD resolution. In addition to subject modes, this camera comes with inbuilt creative filters which let users add interesting effects to their images directly through the camera itself. Its plastic casing makes the camera lighter and easier to hold and work with.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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