Nikon has launched its D5500 amid much fervor after its predecessor D5300 saw amazing success. The best perks of the latest model are the touch display screen and the upgrades in physicality.  However, as far as internal tweaks are concerned, not many can be sniffed on Nikon D5500.

Nikon D5500 Fails Compared To Nikon D5300 Despite Good Lens And Sharp ResolutionComparing between Nikon D5300 and the D5500 variants, we need to start with the lens. The Nikon D5300 made pic capturing a breeze thanks to the 18-140mm, f3.5-5.6 lens. Coming to the latest D5500, it sports 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II lens. Having to shell out 850 dollars for this, is not a cheap bargain.  

We barely saw any change as far as the quality is concerned expect the exposure. The same is wider and thus snaps are coming out marginally better than what we got on the D5300. Again, nothing significant has been seen otherwise.

As far as overall photographs are concerned, we have to admit that they are crystal sharp and low light results are great too. However, a slight more spunk up in image detail and lesser color shifting could have won the game for the Nikon D5500.