Have you ever felt like you seem to be training pretty hard during your workout session, but haven’t seen the results yet? When you get onto a treadmill and run without knowing how much it is effecting just so you can fit into that latest LBD in your wardrobe, you know now is the time to switch to a training companion that can keep a track of your progress. And that’s why Nike released the Training Club iPhone app exclusively for women. So what all can this app do for us ladies?

You can use the Training Club app to design a training regiment for your body based on programs designed for professional athletes, and create a customized training program best suited for your fitness requirements. A Nike professional trainer has helped develop this app, so you know you can trust the app’s sound judgment about your workout routine. Choose from over 90 drills across cardio, interval and core training as you design your own program using the Training Club app. What’s even better is that your customized training program is set to gradually increase in intensity as you build your fitness levels. It also helps you constantly challenge and improve your training abilities.

The Training Club app has a very easy user interface that you can get the grasp of almost immediately as you start it. Using this app, you can even get music from your phone’s own library to pump up your workouts too – so no need to have a silent, dull workout session. We love how the app even doles out rewards as you cross set milestones and continue getting inspired to train harder and get better. And you even get to share your progress and let the world know how you’re doing. But the most helpful feature in this app has got to be the detailed videos that demonstrate some of the complex drills, making it so convenient for users to learn and follow. The app even provides step-by-step instructions for training.

Track your progress, set training programs that last 30 or 45 minutes, or even build a custom 15 minute targeted workout session that you can do. This app will let you get to your goal, making you leaner, fitter, stronger, and keep you completely focused on your training routine. With the Training Club app, you get the guidance as well as the motivation to end your procrastination and get moving. The app even features bonus routines from professional athletes.

It’s all about customized workouts because Nike recognizes that no two bodies are built alike and can train in the same manner to get to a common goal. It’s your own personal trainer, available anytime, right on your smartphone, and what’s more, it costs absolutely nothing. All you need to do is download the app from the iTunes store and you’re set to lose that flab and look absolutely fab in no time at all! It’s finally time to start getting fitter, with your iPhone as your training partner.