NichePhone-S: The Minimalist Mobile Phone Will Eliminate the Clutter

Have wanted to get technology in your pocket? With size of a credit card, the NichePhone-S is as compact as it can get. If you’ve been missing the simpler days but want access to technology, this new mobile phone from FutureModel could help you get back to your roots. Consider this phone tiny, but it is likely to offer all the features of a good phone. According to Engadget Japan, you can use this phone to make calls, send text messages and stream music.
Likely to sport the Android 4.2 operating system, this smartphone could allow users to save nine numbers. We’re also expecting it to have all the basics like a clock and a calculator. Designed in black and white NichePhone-S is expected to have a battery capacity of 550 mAh and offer 3 hours of talk time along with 72 hours of standby time.
Powered by MediaTek MT6572A, NichePhone-S will be launched on 10th November 2017. Weighing only 38gms, it is going to offer Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and could record memos. According to Engadget Japan, this sleek phone is 6.5 mm thick and comes with single nano-SIM slot on the back. It ropes 3G connectivity from SoftBank and NTT DoCoMo.

Credit Card Size phone

One thing is for sure, that NichePhone-S will lend us a break from all our social media accounts and urge us to run into the woods, enjoy dinner with family, and have a good sleep. It is a super light phone aims to remove our constant dependency on cellphones for companionship. The phone is for those people who don’t want notifications to take them up in the middle of the night.
Stripped of all the fancy apps and other utilities, NichePhone-S could make life simpler.