It’s just been a couple of times, when we have seen Google design and clutter its webpage, which has always been simple and ad-free. But that was changed a little yesterday, when users on opening the search browser were welcomed with an advertisement for Google’s Nexus 7 on the home page itself. Although the change was temporary, it did land Google Nexus 7 into the news worldwide.

The ad was shown under the search box for Nexus 7, a seven-inch tablet, which Google hopes will break the records of Apple iPad or the Kindle Fire, both of which are expected to release sometime soon now.

The ad was currently only for users visiting the Google home page in the US.

It read: “The playground is open. The new $199 tablet from Google.”

Google had also added a picture of just the top of the tablet, which bounced once before settling back into place.

Google is known for keeping its page white and clean. The search giant just adds Google Doodles to highlight interesting events or anniversaries.

The sudden appearance of the ad raised quite a hullabaloo, which surely got Google the free publicity for its Nexus 7 device.

Many bloggers commented on the ad, claiming Google to be desperate to make a mark in the market with its Nexus 7 tablet.

However, last week also Google had tried to make a change by adding the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to its home page, which sent users to other Google services such as the Google Art Project or the company’s page on trending searches once it was clicked.

The ad can be seen as an effort by Google, who just wanted to make its tablet make a mark in the competitive market, flooded with tablets and innovative deices. But the fact that it did attract and hit the news worldwide, and got Google Nexus 7 publicity also stays intact!