The speculations Nexus 6 release date is getting ripened day by day. Fresh reports suggest that this new offering from Google will sport killing features, which may give the major android players a run for its money.

The buzz is that after Lenovo – Motorola deal, Google will provide its users with a state – of art device in Nexus 6. Lenovo is a known PC maker and with its good will and sound technology knowledge, it will lend Nexus phones a new lease of life.

Nexus 6 could boast of full 8-Core chip. Octa Chip was first seen in S4 last year and if Nexus 6 want to win the break-neck competition of smart phones, it may crack a deal with Samsung for octa core chip.

Last year most of android phones boasted of 3 –GB RAM. However, with the rise of rivalry this year, 4GB RAM is minimum a phone would need. In all probability Nexus 6 should vouch for a 4 GB RAM.

Nexus 5 had more than 4.99 inch screen and going by the big screen craze, nexus 6 will nor measure less than 6 -inch.

Nexus devices have always impressed with their camera quality and this time again the analyst are predicting the Nexus 6 camera range will be anything between 8mp to 20 mp.