Nexus 6 Release Date Could Be in October, Claims Source

SundarPichai, the Head of Android and Chrome at Google made an official announcement through Google Plus on the 19th of Feb that Google I/O will be held on the June 25- 26. This led to the rumours that Nexus 6 release date has been set for June.

Last month, a Google Dublin employee declared that Google will declare 8-inch Nexus tablet and Android 4.5 release in July. But in an interview at MWC, Pichai stated that there is no Nexus 6 anywhere in the picture till the latter part of the year.

The tech giant has a habit of launching the Nexus line-up along with new versions of Android iterations. Thus we expect to see LG and Google to team up and design the new Nexus smartphone. He further added that though LG G3 will soon see its launch, but Nexus 6 will not see witness limelight before October.

Though Nexus 6 will be developed on the similar LG G3 hardware podium and we may come across some of the specs of nexus 6 with the release of G3 in June. However, it is quite early to think about the next gen Nexus series specifications, but as anticipated, it will feature 5-inch 2K or Full HD resolution, 13MP camera, 2500mAh, RAM of 3GB and quad core Snapdragon 805 CPU