google nexus 6 confirmed featuresNexus 6 is up for release by mid of this year. However, in spite of creating immense buzz the Google offering need to stand out from its competitors namely ,Samsung and HTC, whose flagships are also beaming for this years release. Apple is also known to be releasing the latest iPhone 6 and it is known to be featured with a 4.7 inch display screen.

This clearly shows that Google is pressurized to dleiver the best. Lets take a look at the prime speculated and almost confirmed features of Nexus 6:

Chromecast mirroring: As the Google’s Chromecast TV dongle is recently launched, with the help of this device, you can actually various things on a second big screen. Hence, the users will be able to get the Full TV HD experience.

Smartwatch pairing: With this device, a time-telling piece will be introduced which will also act as a remote controller for the cell phone.

Android 4.5: The latest Android 4.5 will be featured with this device, which will provide the users with ultimate experience.

Hints given by Google suggest that the device is likely to be released in June.

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