There has been a lot talk about in the suggestions of sale from Moto to Lenovo, Nexus 10 has been displayed as out of stock item Now that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo, it’s led to an interesting turn of events for the Nexus series of phones that were so far being built by Motorola for Google.

The Nexus 10 is now out of stock at the Play Store and it’s likely to soon witness an update. At the same time, the much-speculated Nexus 8 now has a more certain release date. So, what do we know about the next Nexus release?

Reports suggest that new Nexus handset, either a Nexus 5 or Nexus 6, will be constructed by Moto-Novo. While ironically, Google will sell its venture before the build of the next Nexus series commences.

Nexus series are usually released in Autumn, which requires that the R&D of the device is done well in advance. Nexus 6 was under development when Motorola thrived under Google and the exchange wouldn’t have affected the plans.

If you are hoping to see the Nexus 8 release date soon, it’s newsworthy that Asus has partnered with Google for this Nexus 7 successor. Google undoubtedly wishes to continue its phenomenal relation with the Taiwan company.

Finally, the Nexus 10 was a great device with a splendid display. However, it failed to make a mark. Rumours suggest that Google may partner with HTC to release the next Nexus 10 series. Regardless of the low margin available on the Nexus series, they are extremely popular and will render a big turnover for HTC.