Here is some sad news for Google Nexus 10 2 fans. According to recent rumors Google is preparing to release Google Nexus 8 ahead of Nexus 10 2. The tablet will come neck to neck with Apple iPad Mini 2.

These predictions have come to surface after an image of another LG tablet leaked online from the user agent with a profile of LG D830. The leaked image of the tablet was later tweeted by the user named @evleaks. According to the user agent, the tablet is 8-inches in size and has a display of 1920×1080 coupled with LTE capabilities.

Though Google has not released any official statement about the Nexus 8 release or Nexus 10 2 release, but the constant delay of second generation of nexus has left the eager fans frustrated.Google also leaked the alleged image of Nexus 8 on “App & Entertainment”. However, their later replaced the image with Nexus 7.

From the all the rumors and leaks its seems that Google is more focused on beating Apple iPad Mini 2. Indeed, iPad Mini was the not best product to come from Apple’s arsenal and Google with its commendable line –up has all the weapons to beat Apple’s seven- inch offering.

Lets us know your thoughts on Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 2. Which one are you waiting for.