This may not come as great news to Nexus tablet enthusiasts. The buzz is that Nexus 10 2 release will never happen, as Google has no interest in launching the second version of Nexus 10.

This rumor has stemmed out from known analyst Edgar Murtazin’s tweet, which said that Google has no interest in going ahead with its Nexus tablet devices as it is shifting its focus on Google Play edition programs.

Nexus fans are disappointed that Google is not going ahead with the release of Nexus 10 2 tablet. DigiTimes reported that the Google supply chain sources are  saying that instead of giving green light to Nexus 10 2 devices,  Google is shifting its focus  to 8-inch niche market for the Nexus 8 tablet.

Google wants to go against Apple iPad Mini and it is expected that the 8-inch offring from Google will hit the market in second quarter of 2014.  Reportedly, the reason for Nexus 10 2 cancellation is bad sales of Nexus 7 2. Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPad Air have emerged as a strong contenders and low-end features of Nexus 7 2 could not beat what Apple has to offer in its tablets.

So, it seems for now Google will stick to Google Play edition programs and may roll out a mid-level nexus 8 tablet. Let us know your thoughts.