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Nexus 10 2 Release May Not Happen At All: Top 2 Reasons Why Google Will Shelve It’s 10-inch Tablet

Holiday season is here; still there is no word from Google regarding the release of Nexus 10 2. The consistent delay in the release of Nexus 10 2 has fuelled the speculations of the shelving the device altogether.

Google’s answer to Apple iPad Air, Nexus 10 2 was previously rumored to release in November, but there was no hint of any such release last month. Then it was speculated that the device may surface on cyber Monday or Black Friday and still there is no word regarding the device.

So there are major chances that Nexus 10 is canned altogether. And there are two reasons why device may not arrive at all:

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According to Paul Briden of Nexus 10 may not prove profitable to Google. Briden wrote, “Putting together high-end components in a full-sized tablet and selling the device at pre-defined prices proved a tough nut to crack for Google. Production costs just keep on increasing and compromising on the specs is out of the question for the internet search giant.

Another reason, which can lead to canning of device, is the poor sales of Nexus 10. Citing analyst Benedict Evans, Briden said that as of Q2 2013 only 600,000 plus of Nexus 10s were shifted. The iPad, including the iPad 4, already cleared in tens of millions. “

So, these are the two major reasons why Nexus 10 2 release may not happen at all.

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