With a sturdy look amazing specs, popular positive reviews, something has sprung up which makes lag

Just as there have been positive reviews of the Google Nexus 5, there have also been some complaints by users. Interestingly, the company has taken note and fixed almost every issue in the latest shipment. Many early users of the Google Nexus 5 felt that its SIM Card Tray was ill-fitted.

However, Google and LG seem to have taken care of that issue in the upgraded models of Google Nexus 5. The new version of this phone seems to have taken care of the SIM card tray problem because it is not fitted snugly into the machine. This has been reported at the XDA Developers forum after one of its members returned the device to Google for modification.

The latest version of Nexus 5 also comes and a more effective touchscreen. The power and volume buttons of the Nexus 5 were problematic as well. This issue has also been fixed in the newer model. The holes of the microphone and speaker have also been enlarged.

Such strong steps from Google suggest that it is dead serious about the Nexus range of products. They have gone great lengths to improve the Google Nexus 5. This is a strong indication of their commitment towards their Nexus range of smartphones and tablets. We’re also expecting to see the Google Nexus 6 launch at the Google I/O event and the Google Nexus 8 tablet by April end. 

With the latest improvements in Google Nexus 5, we’re awaiting their products with baited breath.