The latest Google Maps update allows users to see a thumbnail preview before they love on to the complete screen. Not only is this a quick way to check a location, it is also a great solution to reduce data usage. Google Maps weight heavy on data usage and a preview will help to bring it down. This feature will also bring down battery consumption. GPRS is one of the most battery-consuming features on any phone. A preview should help you save this battery consumption as well.

While all this has enough for users to cheer, yet another update gives a brand-new user interface to make navigation of the Maps easier. Better news is that Google has finally initiated roll out for its Google Plus Collections for iOS users. Remember that this was available for Web and Android based users only till date.

New Update For Google Maps On Android Introduces Better UI And  Smoother NavigationWhat The Update Brings In?

In case you are too excited to even wait for the latest Android update for Google Maps, you can go in for downloading and then side-loading the apk file, which is Google-signed of course.

The download will also be made available on the Google Play Store very soon. Be ready for some new navigation to blow your senses away. With the latest setting interface, you can see the maps by scrolling further as well as by zooming.

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What’s More With Maps?

The transport selection mode can now be seen below Start and Destination tabs. In addition, this update adds further details for the user route page. Finally, you can now opt for picking routes together with the estimated ETA that includes plausible slowdowns or even road blocks.