Saturday, December 2, 2023

New Touch Mouse by Microsoft for Windows 8

It’s official – Windows 8 is going to change the world of computing. As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 8 officially to the world, it has started support for multi-touch using the Touch Mouse. With this, you can now perform flicking, sliding, and zooming actions on your screen using the mouse hand.

The Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 app brings out more features on the Touch Mouse. While it’s not the same as using a touch-screen interface, this is surely a step up from the regular scrolling and clicking features we have all gotten used to. Do note that this app works only for Microsoft’s Touch Mouse, and if you own a Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, well, nothing’s going to change for you.

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The Touch Mouse feature is designed to make navigating through Windows 8 a breeze, so that even if you install the OS on a regular system without touch-screen, it’s still going to be easy and fun to use the interface. Now, all we need is to get started with using Windows 8 already!

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