New Super Mario Bros. Review


Have you been considering what’s so great about the new Super Mario Bros.? As we move ahead with our new Super Mario Bros. review, one thing is for sure. It is similar to other Wii U releases like Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has bundled the new game by reworking the Nintendo Switch as New Super Mario Bros.

Undoubtedly, the game still retains the old charm of Mario magic. For instance, the console has some high quality performance features, which makes it better than its older variants.

New Super Mario Bros. characters

The most playable characters in this game like Mario, Luigi and Yellow Toad find new friends in the form of Toadette and Nabbit. These two characters indeed provide a breath of fresh air to the essence of the game.

Toadette has been designed in a manner that she finds it relatively easy to jump between the platforms with somewhat more precision and in the underwater levels the character can be steered around in all the directions. There is no need to tap the button in order so that she stays afloat.

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Toadette is a fun character to control in the real sense and is very easy to manage even by a single player. Nabbit seems ideal for young users as the character is invincible to the enemies and any novice who plays the game will definitely like to fool around with the character.

New Super Mario Bros. tricks

A highlight of the new Super Mario Bros. game is the activation of new Super Crown pickup by Toadette. This transforms her to a pigtailed peachette. This one of the most priceless new Super Mario Bros. tricks we found. That’s because it improves peachettes’ ability to handle obstacles and allows the user to shake the controller or tap a button in mid air. Users can launch her better in the upward direction. There are two ways players can benefit from this tip. One, players get a chance for a last ditch leap to safety when they are about to mow down a hole. Secondly, they access many of the secret areas with relative ease in comparison to other playable characters.

In some cases, the elaborate use of hidden blocks or vines can be skipped with one peachette swoop. Moreover, the hard to reach star coins can also be reached easily. This feature of comes in handy when the user is trying to mop up all the coins to achieve 100 percent completion.

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The New Super Luigi U offers users an alternative story mode which remixes the levels from the main game. It also ditches Mario from the main league and empowers Luigi with a lunar like leap and pair of shoes which are slippery.

What’s not great about New Super Mario Bros.

There is one thing we would have liked differently in the new Super Mario Bros. Despite the inclusion of new characters like New Super Luigi U and induction of various extra challenges and modes, the game continues to lack the robust performing package expected of a popular game like this one. Hence, it struggles to stand out in the crowd unlike its previous variants.

The touchscreen-based boost mode is absent, which was a popular feature of the original release. This is likely due to difference in hardware setups in Wii U and the Switch.

Overall, the feel of the game is great and die heart Mario lovers will definitely relish playing New Super Mario Bros.