Mario Kart 8 200 CC has become faster with new shortcuts in every course. Yes, now you can easily speed through and expedite your race, only if you do not bang into the wall initially. 

New shortcuts in Mario Kart 8 Axsel, a user on You Tube has made a special video via Reddit to display all the shortcuts that are recently included in the game. Now gamers do not have to use Mushroom-fueled speed boosters to take advantage of good speed. The video is quite handy for those who are finding it difficult to reach to the first position.

Shortcuts are probably the best way to win the race than simply staying on the Rainbow Raod for at least five seconds or more than that.

Mario Kart 8 200 CCwas released on 23 April with a free update and two of its DLC packs of premium range were also released on the same day.

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