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New Photo Sync Feature on Facebook

Facebook seems to be taking baby steps into the world of cloud computing. Post the acquisition of Instagram, we know just how integral photos are to Facebook. The company announced a new feature on Friday through a blog post that lets users sync their smartphones’ image gallery with a private folder on their Facebook profiles. Users can then choose to post photos from this folder on to their albums they share with their friends.

Users can enable this feature on their devices by selecting the “Sync” option from the bottom of the “Photos” menu on Facebook’s mobile app. This will create a separate album called “Synced from Phone” on their profiles located at the top of their photos section. Users can select or delete images from this folder through their PCs or mobile devices.

Facebook is also being considerate about data limitations on cellular networks. When syncing on cellular networks, it will upload photos at a smaller size than that of a PC. Alternatively, users can choose to perform this sync only when connected on a WiFi network. Facebook has also mentioned that this feature will not work when your battery is low on power. Users can even choose to turn off this feature whenever they choose.

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This photo syncing feature is only available on smartphones like Android phones and iPhones running iOS6, and will not work on feature phones. This new feature is similar to the one on Google+ that lets users upload all their images and then select the ones they wish to share. As of now, an early version of this feature is being rolled out.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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