With Apple unveiling its latest MacBook Air, it is perhaps the appropriate time to compare the same with iPad Air. Here is a fair assessment of the two and if you are considering buying iPad Air in the coming days, this reality check can help you choose the best among the two.macbook air vs macbook retina pro

Consider the Size

The good news is that both of these, ie MacBook Air and iPad Air are virtually similar in size and both of these could be a great choice for any regular traveller. However, iPad Air at 469 grams or 1 pound is much lighter as compared to MacBook Air which weights 1.08 Kg or 2.38 pounds.

The Price Aspect

This is one aspect in which iPad Air scores over MacBook Air. At $799, the entry level iPad Air is $100 cheaper as compared to MacBook Air which costs $899. However, iPad Air has scored a point over MacBook in the sense that you can have the 4G/LTE option in iPad Air. With this addition, the price of iPad Air has gone up to $929 which is only marginally above the $899 mark for MacBook Air.

Battery Life

Traditionally, iPad has always scored over MacBook in the battery life but this time around the story is different. MacBook claims that the device will have a battery life of 9 hours which is pretty much close to the 10 hours of battery life which iPad Air is offering.

Both the devices are similar enough is various quality parameters and a perspective buyer will find it tough to point out the best among the two. Take your pick and make an intelligent choice.

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