The battery life of any device is an imperative feature while purchasing.  It should not be the case that the device only has a battery life of a few hours  and especially when it comes to laptops. 

We shall now compare the battery life of the three laptop brands the two of them being the mac book.

The new MacBook Air Haswell has launched the next generation mac book in the month of June. The mac book air promises the battery life on 12 hours, since this mac book functions with the intel haswell processor, that lets it consume power at a lower rate, thereby allowing it to be charged throughout the day, on the very single charge.

The MacBook Pro 2013, is known to be the predecessor of the The new MacBook Air Haswell, which is known to be having a good battery life but not as great as the MacBook Air. The Mac book pro retina display is said to be of a very bad battery back up system, which is of merely five to seven hours. This is where the MacBook air takes the winning position.

Sony Vaio P13, is the new series that has a touch screen and a battery life of super long as 8.5 hours, presented by Sony

Therefore, now the distinction between the three brands is clearly made in terms of battery life, the consumer should check and then go for the purchase.