Apple has set an official date, 12th September for a press release. And it is natural on our part to speculate if it’s the new iPhone or iPad Mini that is going to hit the shelves near us soon. Lately, there have been lot of rumors that the Cupertino Calif.-based company is in plans to launch its latest next-gen iPhone.

Slated to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the event is most likely to unveil the new iPhone- one that might not be called iPhone 5!

The invitation sent out by Apple has a white background with 12 number written in black, which casts a faint, shadowy number 5 so maybe it is called iPhone 5 or it just emphasized the fact that it is the 5th iPhone by Apple. We can’t really comment much. However, it can also be called the ‘New iPhone’, just like the ‘New iPad’!

Now let’s take a look at some of the features (what is rumored it might have) of this much anticipated smartphone.

New iPhone is expected to have a slightly bigger screen than iPhone 4S, but it will be thinner and faster. The phone might have a display of 4-inch diagonally with a wider aspect ratio and a Retina qualifying 320 ppi pixel density.

There are also rumors that the device will be compatible with 4G LTE, which will offer users faster mobile browsing.

It is also expected that the new iPhone will use a smaller dock connector of either 19 or 9 pin port, which will be foolproof in design and will be based on faster I/O tech. So I guess, Apple is going to offer a light and easier way to charge its latest smartphone.

New iPhone might also have Apple’s newest mobile OS, which includes features such as Facebook integration, a Do Not Disturb mode, a completely upgraded maps app, redesigned stores and iTunes apps, and a magical color-changing status bar.

Some features might also be changed a little bit from beta to beta however, including the appearance of App Store search results.

The design of new iPhone is rumored to get a fresh coat of paint. The overall look will be sleek and stylish as with all Apple devices, which do make a statement.

There’s bound to be other new things about the next iPhone, including maybe a beefier processor, a true A6 maybe! It might also have better graphics processing capabilities and expanded storage options. There’s also a chance to see redesigned earbuds.

Whatever speculations might be, but just in case Apple’s iPhone turns to be true just as guessed, I think all of us will just have to keep out pockets a little tight, until its release!