Apple has some really good news for users of the iOS 9. The company released free software updates for Apple iPads and iPhones running on iOS 9 to improve their performance significantly. According to reports, the new updates will not just improve battery life of these devices but also offer enhance functionality of the virtual assistant. A software update for the Apple Watch was also planned for the same day but could not be offered due to some bug issues.

Long battery life

The new update will improve battery life by diminishing use of non-essential tasks or visual effects. With the new update, the phone will also stop checking for automatic updates or email. Siri virtual assistant would also be improved with the update and users will be able to undertake swipe screen activities easily.

Accessing notifications should become easier because everything would be listed on the home screen according to time of occurrence. Alarm, security, maps and news service have also undergone transformation with the latest software update.

Access your iPad more conveniently

Multitasking is now simpler with the new software update on Apple iPad. However, the choices for multitasking have not been increased. Once the new update is installed, the iPad will offer better control like a laptop as sliding is much easier now. Getting the software update is simple, like the previous ones. Yet, users need to ensure proper backup of their data and at least 1.3 GB free space for running the update.