New Google ‘Verse By Verse’ Tool

New Google ‘Verse By Verse’ Tool

Google has launched a new AI ‘Verse By Verse’ tool. Accessible to everyone, the tool will enable users to generate poems in the style of their beloved poets with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI driven poetry tool will helps you craft craft the most delectable verse in no time. If you lack creative inspiration but love writing, then this new tool will be beneficial for you.

 The tool is quite simple to use as it adapts the style of classic poets to help you shape your stanzas. It involves input from both human and Google engine to create a final masterpiece.  Google in its official blog post explained, “The tool is designed to ‘augment’ the creative process when creating a poem, not generate one from scratch. Users must input their first line, then tab to the next. Each additional stanza will produce several suggestions from the AI.” It further said, “Users who want to compose a poem, will first have to select the poets whose style they want to replicate. We give you full control of this creative process. You can choose to continue writing your own verses, use one of the suggestions, or even edit one of the suggestions to make it more personal. Once you’re satisfied with your poem, give it a title and finalize it. We give you two options: copy the text itself, or download the poem as an image. In either case, you can easily save the poem and share it with others.”

Google Verse By Verse Tool

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 Why Use Google Verse By Verse AI Tool?

 Google Verse By Verse tool can be used as a tool for inspiration, offering unique inputs for ways of writing. You can select up to three poets for inspiration, including the likes of William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, and William Blake. You can use it as support to learn about the various poets and the styles that they wrote in. Once you have made the selection and decided on the structure for your poem, the AI tool will request you to compose your first line of verse, and will then suggest some more options. You can either use the suggestion as it is or customize it as per your liking. You can tweak and add more words to suit your feelings.