Google Map app has seen a lot of new features in the last couple of months. The latest update is the the new Google Maps Community Feed in the app’s Explore tab on Android and iOS.

The new Google Maps Community Feed feature includes new reviews, recently added photos for places you have been to or searched for, highlights for nearby events, and recommendations based on what’s popular with other local users. You can also “follow” businesses to get updates and new user ratings in your feed. Users will also get reviews, photos, and posts from experts, merchants, and recommendation sites, etc.

 It is housed under the in the Explore tab and will make it easier to find updates and recommendations from trusted local sources. Google Map’s Product Manager Pmanager Capella Yee mentioned  in the blog announcement, “Every day, people submit more than 20 million contributions—including recommendations for their favourite spots, updates to business services, fresh reviews and ratings, photos, answers to other people’s questions, updated addresses, and more.”

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The Community tab will first be rolled out for Android and iOS users. Since it is a server-side update, it doesn’t require any new installation. According to Yee, “What makes Google Maps such a great tool to navigate and explore is the community of people, from our passionate Local Guides to nearby business owners.” He further added, “The community feed brings together helpful local information and tailors it to your selected interests. For example, if you’ve marked an interest in healthy food or Greek cuisine in your Google maps food and drink preferences, you’ll see more recommendations, photos, and business posts for that type of dining.”

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 Furthermore, with no sign of COVID leaving us anytime soon, Google Maps’ Community section can keep users updated on important COVID-19-related information as well, such as changed hours of operation or new capacity restrictions. Simply tap the “See Local COVID-19 Updates” at the top of the feed. Also, in case, one is planning to travel or partake in activities in another part of town, user can then tap the location name at the top of the feed to change it.

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