The latest Google Maps Driving Mode update is here! A dedicated Google Maps Car Mode is finally coming to the navigation app much after we first saw Google’s in-car Android Auto. However, several tech portals have reported that its view is actually much like the Android Auto view only.

Interestingly, the Android Auto UI itself is already expected to get replaced by the upcoming Assistant Driving Mode. Thus, it does seem bizarre Google is bringing in almost the same concept as the old one to Google Maps and that too after much wait and delay.

Google Maps Car Mode UI 1
Google Maps New Mode Launch
Google Maps Car Mode UI 2
Google Maps New User Interface

Google Maps users have already seen the music and playback control features, however it would be the first they will have Android Auto like buttons on their navigation screen on Google Maps. In the Car mode, Google Maps Navigation Screen with feature three additional buttons at the bottom of the screen, besides the playback controls. 


Google Maps Car Mode UI 3
Google maps car mode

Google Maps Car Mode UI 4
Google maps driving mode

The latest Google Maps driving mode will be coming with a voice button, a home screen and an additional Maps icon one if you aren’t on the actual navigation screen already. If you press your Home Screen button, you will see a screen with your essentials fir the car mode only including calls, messages, Podcasts and music player. Notably, Call section will only include your top three, last three most recent contacts and a Call Somebody Else button for others.

However, in a major difference, Google Maps Car Mode is entirely based on the Google Maps itself. But, on the other hand, Google Assistant’s while Android Auto mode also allows for the Waze navigator. Hence, it is one of those Google Maps updates that have left us more wandering than happy.

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