Apple is holding its first virtual World Wide Developers Conference this week. During the event, the company announced new features for its various devices including Apple Watches, iPhones, and iPads. One of the most exciting announcements has been the newest features of the iOS 14. 

The upcoming Apple Operating system will include several new widgets as well as a new App library.  Notably, the 2019 iOS 13 had brought upgrades and changes around speed and privacy, besides the much talked about Dark Mode. However, it also came with various bugs that required consequent fixes for the arising issues.

However, the iOS 14 has focussed on various customisation options.  The new iOS update will enable users to view all installed apps in a list view called App Library, similar to what’s available on Android phones. Moreover, it would also enable iOS users to hide apps from other home screens.

Siri Updates in iOS 14

Apple is set to bring its voice assistant, Siri as a pop-up overlay directly to the home screen. It will also upgrade Siri with new Siri translations and a compact UI. Additionally, the company is also introducing its own Translate app which would compete with the popular Google Translate. Notably, the Apple voice assistant can translate more than 65 languages. However, the translate feature would reportedly receive further improvements in the later iOS 14 updates.

Revamped iMessages

Moreover, iOS 14 would also be allowing users to add widgets to their main home screen. Moreover, it would also add an on-device offline voice transcription for dictation. Furthermore, it is also making changes to iMessage and adding features like @-mentions and pinned messages. It is also making improvements to groups on the platform.

Additionally, the new iOS version would also enable full screen effects whenever users send greetings in any of the 23 Indian languages. For instance, when users will send greeting such as “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Holi,” iMessages will display occasion related full screen effects.

Improved Apple Maps

With iOS 14, improved Apple Maps will also be expanding to Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  It is also adding new electric vehicle direction with saveable exploration guides and charging information as well as new cycling routes to the maps.

Interestingly, the tech giant may also soon allow users to use their iPhones to unlock their car using NFC. Apple is planning to introduce a new contactless CarKey feature which may enable your iPhone to also work as a car key. Notably, the 2021 BMW 5 series is likely to be the first to support the new iOS feature. Furthermore, the feature would be introduced to both iOS 13 and iOS 14.

Privacy and Security Upgrades

The tech giant is further rolling out another interesting feature called App Clicks, The new App Store feature will allow users to access certain functions of a mobile application which might be needed to access a service without downloading the full app. Furthermore, it will also attempt to bring more awareness of privacy and security to the App Store. The privacy upgrades would include privacy practices displayed from apps before you download them. It would display the kind of data they collect and companies they share the data with.

Furthermore, it will also allow users to share their approximate location rather than the exact location with various apps. It also ensures that the apps ask users and require permissions before they can track users. However, we doubt the new security claims and promises because they also have a lot of on-device features.

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