Technology giant Apple is reportedly ready with the iPhone 7. Even though experts state that there will not be any significant changes on the technological front, some radical changes are expected with regard to the home button. Technical experts have stated that biometric, ultrasonic sensors can be used, which will be installed under the Gorilla glass. With use of this technology, the device will be unlocked only after it reads the fingerprints of users.

New design of iPhone 7 can be a breakthrough in technologyWill it be a success?

It is a bold step  to replace the home button with ultrasonic sensors and if Apple does this, it remains to see will it be a success or a failure.

Users have been keen on getting this technology for a long time but it was not a success because of some technical glitches. 

How things will be working out

As of now, Apple has not planned to remove the home button from their phone or rather any other product because the touch ID issue has not been fixed. Now the users will just have to wait and watch for Apple to introduce their new product range. 

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