A spin-off of the television series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the Netflix Original Queer Eye is uplifting, fun and a little gay. The Netflix original series, premiered in 2018, has won 2 Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Structured Reality Program” and “Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program”. It has also earned the admiration of countless fans, including us. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you see it. Here’s why.

Queer Eye stars five queer specialists, each an expert in a different category. Together, they embark on a new journey in every episode to transform people, making their lives happier, cleaner, easier, and healthier. Meet the Fab Five of this heart-warming series as they inspire people to take charge of their lives. They are a testament to how people should treat each other at all times. These specialists also encourage people to find courage within themselves to embrace their reality. 

This Netflix original series is thought-provoking, uplifting and encourages the protagonist of every episode to acknowledge their lives. Yes, each episode has a singular point of focus. Attempts are made to inspire them with a celebration of themselves and others.

From food & nutrition, fashion and grooming to interior design and life coaching, each lucky recipient receives their unique brand of care and attention.

Cast of Netflix Original Queer Eye

Tan France: With a college degree in fashion and his own clothing line, Tan is the styling expert.

Karamo Brown: A philanthropist at heart, Karamo Brown highlights the cultural experiences and motivates the individuals in the show to take a charge of their lives.

Bobby Berk: The host of the show is a proud owner of owned two design firms, Bobby Berk Homes and Bobby Berk Interiors + Design

Jonathan Van Ness: Famously known as the as the grooming expert, Jonathan is a hairdresser, podcaster and a famous American TV personality.

Antoni Porowski: The most good looking out of the lot, Antoni is an actor, chef and a model.

Queer Eye Theme

This is the story of a unique chemistry of five gay men. The openness and unabashed attitude of Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan Karamo, and Tan allows the audience to laugh, cry and be influenced along the way. The genuine camaraderie and respect for each other’s talent is clearly seen in each episode and automatically adds a hefty dose of warmth, charm and authenticity to the makeovers. The best part is, the gang doesn’t change who these people are but just bring out the best assets of their personalities.

These 5 artists have together broken stereotypes. They are the first group as gay artists to come together and motivate others to be themselves and to accept life as it is. During the makeover process, the hosts don’t shy away from discussing their personal stories. This makes the entire makeover journey more authentic and emotionally exhilarating. Also, kudos to the people who have put themselves out there for the whole world to see. They show their fears and vulnerabilities.

Queer Eye’ Season for Pride

Given that the world is celebrating Pride Month, Netflix also graced its viewers with the latest season of Queer Eye. The te optimistic and amusing crew has now set up a camp in Philadelphia to help men and women focus on their own lives.

Arguably one of this season’s most touching episodes is when the Fab Five dives in to the Sweeney family’s life to teach Jenny, the family’s supermom, how to make time for herself.  Her story is full of emotions and certainly resonates with audiences. The gang takes it upon them to help Jennifer take care of herself. The overwhelming love they all radiate for everyone is palpable.

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As a Netflix original Queer Eye is worth your binge list. This series renews the belief in the goodness of people, love, self-love and emotion.  The show encourages positive energy and makes one feel happy in a bittersweet way.  A must watch!

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