Online video streaming platforms like Netflix, Voot and Hotstar are no longer a craze limited to the cinematic freaks or young millenniums. Moreover, with their excellent originals, OTT platforms are giving traditional theatres and TVs a tough fight for viewership. Especially, amidst the on-going global health crisis, they have been our major stress-boosters. In the pandemic, as theatres were closed and TV shows ran out of latest content, even more people joined in.

Notably, many of the big budget Bollywood movies are also set to release online on these platforms. But with so much of great content and thrilling options, it brings us to our usual confusion of which one to choose. Particularly, in this case, “Which is the better home movie deal?” Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Voot all offer some great content and are among the top OTT platforms in the country. So, here’s a quick review of Netflix India plans as well as theHotstar and Vootsubscription plans to help you grab the best deal.

Netflix India

Netflix has long been a pioneer of online streaming platforms and has consistently been a popular choice among viewers for the online originals.  Even in India, it had almost been synonymous with digital streaming platforms for many years. However, it initially had a very niche audience but has been gaining a more steady ground in the last couple of years in the country. In order to cater to a wider India audience, Netflix has also launched some cheaper Netflix India plans starting from Rs. 199 per month.

Netflix India Plans –

  • Mobile (Rs. 199 per month)
  • Basic(Rs. 499 per month)
  • Standard(Rs. 649 per month)
  • Premium(Rs. 799 per month)

Disney+ Hotstar

Originally called the Hotstar, the streaming platform had recently merged with Disney substantially adding on to its content. The merger further boosted the brand’s reputation putting it with giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the competition. Notably, Disney+ Hotstar is currently one of the most subscribed online streaming service providers in the country. Unlike Netflix, it also offers free access to a large amount of its content. Moreover, it has also been experimenting intensively with its various originals in the recent times and had been a lot more in the news after SushmitaSen’s starrer Arya was released exclusively on the platform.

Disney+ Hotstar subscription plans –

  • Disney+ Hotstar VIP (Rs. 399 per year)
  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium
  • Rs. 299 per month
  • Rs. 1499 per year


Owned by the Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Limited, Voot offers access to the network’s many shows such as Roadies, KhatronKeKhiladi, Big Boss,Naagin, etc.Much like Disney+ Hotstar, you can also view many of its shows for free on its mobile app in the ad-supported streaming.  For an ads free experience and to access its Voot Select originals and exclusives, users have to buy either of its premium subscription plans.

Voot Select Subscription Plans

  • VootMonthly Premium Plan – Rs. 99 per month
  • VootYearly Premium Plan – Rs. 499 per year (Rs. 999)

Which is a better choice: Hotstar, Voot or Netflix?

There isn’t a definite answer to this question. It depends on what you are really looking for. In case, you are simply looking for the cheapest subscription plan; we would recommend the Voot Select Monthly Premium Plan or the annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription. But, if you are looking for some great content, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar definitely offer you a much better deal.