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Netflix Gears Up For Glory With Original Marco Polo Series By Weinstein Co

Latest buzz reveals that a Netflix original drama would be produced by the Weinstein Company with The Adventures of Marco Polo. The new drama assures to unveil with a different genre of martial arts, sexual conspiracies and impressive battles in the drama.

The Adventures of Marco Polo would be retold and enacted in the drama. The latest Netflix drama series would have Harvey Weinstein as the producer and Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg and Dan Minahan as the directors.

The Netflix drama series is yet to be titled and it would be released across all Netflix’s international territories later in this year. The drama would be set during the time of 13th Century with a Chinese backdrop in the middle of a brutal war. The war will double as a hotbed oodles of martial arts, political conspiracies, betrayal and much more. Ronning and Sandberg would also be directing the show with Minahan, who is well known for his work on episodes of Game of Thrones and True Blood. John Fusco would be joining in as creator and executive producer.

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The programme would be shot in Malaysia from the coming months. Marco Polo- the series was last shown in 2007 and the adventurer’s exploitations and journey has been shown in the episodes. Netflix has always impressed all views with its content, as well as Golden Globe host Amy Poehler joking at the 2014 awards who said “, “A lot of nominated shows this year are actually on Netflix. House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black.”

The Series of Marco Polo would be the first epic and historical drama after political series such as house of Cards, orange is the new black and Arrested Development. Let us see what he viewers have to say about this new intriguing series of Marco Polo due around 2015.


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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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