Best Buy has seen huge sales and a final sell-out of Nest Cam. The maker has already laid the stage for a slew of new surprises. Especially, the 2nd generation Nest Protect smoke detector that comes in form of an app that runs both on iOS and Android. 

Here’s What The Nest Protect Offers

As for the latest Nest Protect, we got to know that it is an upgrade that comes with a brandNest Reveals New Nest Cam, 2nd Generation Nest Protect, Updated iOS App new split spectrum sensor. This uses a pair of two  light wavelengths that can help users differentiate between varied smoke types. So you can bid goodbye to quick fires and slow-spreading fires.

Learn Little Bit More On The Nest App

You can also get hands on a smoke chamber that is laced with a steel screen complete with small hexagon shaped holes. Another latest thing that is part of this is the App Silence spec. This will enable a user to silence an alarm using their smartphone. The latest Nest Protect will also test the speaker and the horn every month. 

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