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You Need To Stop Playing Age of Empires In 2018

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Age of Empires is one of the longest played games this world has ever seen. Launched originally in 1997, the game has effortlessly made its way in 2018 as well. With a few changes here and there, it has managed to grip players’ attention till date. In fact, every Age of Empires fan that left playing the game a few years back will be thrilled to know about its perennial existence. The difference, of course is there, and it is even more exciting to see how the game has managed to evolve.

With its real time strategy features, the highly acclaimed game was much ahead of its counterparts ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Civilization’ then. The present day version of the game works perfectly on PCs with high resolution and nice moves. Much to our delight, some parts have been left untouched such as the ‘wololo’ chant that converts an enemy to your side. The user interface is praiseworthy and the smooth navigation across sections makes it slightly better.

However, the Definitive Edition series has not been developed right from scratch on account of which you will find some aspects to be still outdated, especially if you are a first time user. For previous gamers too, who now who wish to indulge in a tad bit of nostalgia and want to relive the experience, it is a big disappointment. With modern graphics, the game has lost its magnetism and the vestiges of artificial intelligence have itself been unable to weave magic.

For someone who has played this game day in, day out, the transformation is good to explore but not that engaging. The details that come with it are overburdening and the continuous monitoring requirements take a toll on you. The bottom line is that you cannot play this game with feelings of exhilaration for hours at a stretch especially if you have always fancied its old world charm. It would have been better if the makers had reinstated the charisma of ‘Rise of Rome’ rather than making it all high tech.

The fundamentals are not exciting anymore and the sophistication just does not suit gamers who have grown up playing the older pixel version of this game. We need to accept the fact that the era of Age of Empires is over. Yes, the game did rule the market for as long as 20 years, but on a serious note, we need to move on.



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Rupandeep Kaur
The talented Ms. Rupandeep is a young writer with the enthusiasm to do something new each time.

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