Instagram has recently made a remarkable alteration by introducing portrait and landscape options along with their existing square. Though enhanced user-friendliness appears to be the main purpose behind the modification, it is actually an effort to stop users from switching to Snapchat or other flexible services.Pinterest and Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And Purchases

Introduction of new layout is a major change that the platform has introduced since its merger with Facebook. This move is also expected to increase app’s popularity significantly among the advertisers. The best part is, both landscape as well as portrait format will be available on iOS as well as Android platforms right from Thursday. Thus, there is no need to cramp the wide shots or cut friends from the groups to get the photo fitted in Instagram, said advertising analyst and social media marketing expert, Debra Aho William.

The recent move by Instagram is also expected to give a significant boost to their revenue earning from the advertisers. Earlier in June, Instagram said that they will allow every advertiser to use their platform rather than limiting it to a few brands. Therefore, if things go as expected, the company has the possibility of generating $600 million from advertisers only. By 2017, the revenue is expected to climb up to a whopping sum of $2.8 billion.