Apple fans now stand a chance to be rewarded for their loyalty. Apple is keeping a tab on the number of app downloads from its App Store and is offering $10,000 for the user who downloads the 50 billionth app. There’s a counter on the lower right hand corner of Apple’s site for you to keep a tab.

Now we doubt if the counter’s actually getting updated in real-time, but a quick look does show just how close Apple is towards reaching the 50 billion downloads’ mark. It was only in January 2013 that the company touched 40 billion app downloads, making it quite a fast progress till here.

But the festivities don’t just end there – Apple’s also offering $500 gift cards to the first 50 app downloads after the 50 billionth download. It’s a great marketing tactic and comes just in time as the company battles a fall in popularity and stock prices. Looks like Apple’s trying real hard to grab as many eyeballs in the face of stiff competition from its Android counterparts. So could you be the lucky user?