If sources are to be believed, Chicago Bulls are likely to negotiate with the New Orleans Pelicans to get Guard Eric Gordon on board.

The Bulls team managed to reach the playoff even after sending the forward player Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for monetary reasons along with suffering the loss of Derrick Rose due to his injuries. A credit for this can be attributed to the renewed spirits of Joakim Noah and Point Guard D.J Augustin.

Gar Foreman, the general manager of the Bulls team, said that the team is not ready to face any defeat even though some key players of the earlier playoff matches are missing from the scene. However, the team knows it well that it still needs more good players in the team for final weeks of the regular season and after that too.

According to reports, the Bulls have already initiated talks with the Golden State Warriors to trade Swingman Harrison Barnes and Kirk Hinrich. The Warriors are ready to send Barnes, but the entry of Augustin in the Bulls may make the management reconsider their decision about Hinrich.

Though the rumor mills are making rounds on full-swing, the Bulls has not been able to settle any other deal since a long time now after trading Deng. However, analysts are of the opinion that the Bulls are likely to strike a huge deal prior to the deadline of trading, i.e. Feb 20.

The future of Guard Eric Gordon….

Gordon scored 16 points and 3 assists points in all the games this season. But in spite of scoring good points, his position in the Pelicans team seems to be indecisive just like Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

Reports from ESPN.com suggest that the New Orleans Pelicans might send Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans to the Chicago Bulls.  If this deal is pulled off, the Bulls may get just lucky.