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My Lunchbox: Use Your PC to Keep Your Food Warm

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So, girls, have you ever had one of those awfully agonizing days when you are overloaded with work have a meeting in the afternoon, leaving you with just 15 minutes to grab a quick bite? And dear lord Murphy makes it worse at the microwave counter when you see a large queue snaking along to warm up their food, taking away precious time from you. Phew, the solution to so many issues comes in the form of Electrolux’s My Lunchbox. It’s just the appliance you need by your PC- to keep your food warm right at your desk.

Just when you’ve decided to go on a diet after endless amount of procrastination and bringing healthy food to work to forego eating out, life can get tougher. You are hard pressed for time to enjoy a warm meal. This is a compact food warming device that can be powered through your PC’s USB port or even through an electrical socket. Simple and efficient, it saves you precious time you would otherwise have spent waiting in a queue at the cafeteria. All you need to do is to place your lunchbox in the food warmer’s compartment, connect the device to your computer’s USB port and set the time and temperature directly through your computer. When your food has warmed up as per your preference, it even pops up a notification on your screen to let you know that your food is ready. And then, all that’s required of you is to dig right in.

The Electrolux My Lunchbox is compact and wouldn’t even take up too much space on your desk. It comes in three bright color options – pick from electric blue or green, or a happy orange. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can adjust its settings wire-free directly from your laptop. No additional wires are required to avoid making a mess of your desk. What’s even better about My Lunchbox is that it also lets you cool your food. So go right ahead and keep your salad crispy cool in there. It has a lithium ion battery that can be charged via the USB or through an electric socket too using a normal charger.

It’s a stylish, extremely handy device to keep at your desk in office. Wouldn’t you agree? It understands how little time you have when rushing through a busy day and helps to make your life easier as you get on with it. Thoughtful, very convenient, compact and the perfect answer to help save you oodles of time in your hectic day – My Lunchbox ought to be on your must-have list for sure.

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