Despite being at the top of its game, Samsung Electronics is trying hard to get a clean This is how much Samsung's Galaxy S5 costs to buildmarket share in terms of popularity. With a bill of 256.52 dollars to merely bring the Samsung Galaxy S5 to life, what else could be the justification.

The surprise here is that, the inflated construction cost is way above the $236 used on a Galaxy S4. In fact, arch rival Apple from Cupertino spends just above $200 on its iPhone 5S. Samsung reported a fall in profit for its last quarter yet assumed that the high end Galaxy S5 was worth each penny. After all, the current price in USA touches 650 dollars.

Wayne Lam, a senior analyst quipped that the Korean giant is pushing in more high-end components to stand above the rest of its competitors. Meanwhile, the much hyped fingerprint scanner on the S5 is now being thrashed due to issues in operable authenticity. Faulty mechanisms could open up the scope for threats of your cherished Galaxy S5 getting hacked! Make sure you think hard before digging into your pocket for fishing the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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