Well, those waiting for the June launch of the much acclaimed X Phone have to be patient until July. According to the latest reports by Google and Motorola, manufacturing issues have influenced the postponement of the X Phone—which is now set for an “exclusive launch” in July. This event will be followed by a star studded and broader release in the month of November, just around Thanksgiving.

So we can now wait for happier times this holiday season, with the X Phone being sold exclusively on its Google Play Store. If these rumors are to be believed then Google would be showing off the X Phone at Google I/O in May – which will be the first Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie smart phone to raid the market.

According to reports by Android and Me, the X Phone is expected to be customizable to quite an extent. Along with the provision of selection in the outer casing and other features, Google will also be providing certain customizable software settings to its X phone users. Custom defined wallpapers, apps, ringtones and many more features are making this package for the X Phone all the more attractive.

According to trusted sources, the X Phone will not be vying for competition with the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 6. Similar to the HTC One in specs, this phone is expected to be highly affordable with special emphasis on service and features.