A few days ago, we had reported that the much awaited AT&T version of X Phone had passed the FCC scanner and was possibly heading towards Verizon. Latest reports confirm that the X Phone will now be available on all the three big carriers in the U.S. with its Sprint version having passed through the FCC.

The launch of the X Phone also seems to be close by. The much talked about AT&T X Phone, with model listings of Motorola XT1058 and its Verizon version have been leaked with Motorola USB drivers and XT1060 brand name.

According to filings by FCC, Motorola XT1056 has passed the certification processes for LTE Band 25. This is the same band which Sprint uses for all its 4G LTE devices. The newly launched Motorola XT1056 version for Sprint will have Bluetooth 4.0 NFC, LE+EDR and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. It will also boast of HSPA+ 21Mbps support for the 1900, 2100and 850MHz bands. However, in US, it will be difficult to use your smart phone on a GSM network as the FCC documents reveal it is SIM locked for all important U.S. carriers.

The FCC Motorola XT1056 is expected to be a game changer with amazing specs to back up this mid range device. It will also have a 720p display and not a FULL 1080p like other Android devices. With a dual core processor, it may fail to meet the competition generated by the quad-core and octa-core processors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.