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Motorola To Be Profitable Within 18 Months Claims Lenovo

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Having recently acquired Motorola, Lenovo has some grand plans for the brand. Motorola to be profitable within 18 months claims LenovoThe technology manufacturer had acquired Motorola from Google in October last for $2.91 million. Over 10 lakh Motorola phones were shipped last year and if all goes as per plans, Lenovo expects the brand to become a profitable venture in the next 12 to 18 months.

Lenovo is likely to rank third on the global shipments once Motorola phones are included in the list of items the company ships annually. As a brand, Motorola had raked in profits worth $1.9 billion last year and Lenovo aspires to make the brand profitable in the next four quarters.

If Lenovo is able to bring around this turnover, Motorola would be in for a grand change. After acquisition, Motorola had seen termination of services of thousands of its employees across the globe and exits from markets worldwide.

However, ever since the acquisition, Lenovo has been busy promoting the brand aggressively across the Chinese market where the company has a fair hold. Alongside Motorola, Lenovo is also promoting a new Xiaomi handset which is especially focused on the middle segment market.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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