Motorola Might Gain Momentum With New Model- Samsung Galxy S4 To Get a Chill Down It Spines?


You never know how far a company might go to get points without trouble, do you? The latest rumor from Telstra, a media firm Down Under sets a new standard for self-promotion. Looks like Motorola has buckled up shoes tightly and is set to launch the Motoraola X that could sweep away Samsung and Apple.

 With latest apps that the world is yet to see on any of the offering from Apple or Samsung, Motorola is expected to change the way we look at smartphones. Hugh Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer at Telstra says, “real breakthrough, a game-changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.”

 Before you start thinking how extravagant the Motorola baby would be, hold on—Telstra is not a source that we trust much and coming from the makers each of their babies are breakthroughs! Let us wait and watch if the Nexus gets a scare from Motorola.