With the increasing competition between the smartphone manufacturers, new handsets with high-end specifications are frequently getting introduced to the market. While the array of new smartphones offer a wide range of choices, it often creates a confusion regarding the best deal. The reviews of Moto G 3rd gen and Xiaomi Mi 4i has led to such a confusion and buyers are now looking for a comparison before making a decision.

Moto g 3rd gen or Xiaomi Mi 4i- Which is your choice? A comparison

 Both the phones have several features in common, including the 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The phones are also priced at Rs. 12, 999 but Moto G 3rd gen offers better grip in comparison to Mi 4i. Though both the phones comes with non-removable battery, Mi 4i is much sleeker compared to Moto 3rd gen and sports a clean design. Not just lightweight, Mi 4i also offers better display with full-HD technology. Though it is not protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 like Moto 3rd Gen, it has custom solution offering same protection level.

 Motorola’s Moto 3rd gen comes with Snapdragon 410 with four cores inside but Mi 4i boasts of a powerful octa-core processor. MIUI, the operating system of Mi 4i is also also better compared to Moto 3rd gen, which runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Yet, Motorola’s handset is better in terms of memory available for user applications, even though both phone has similar RAM capacity. Photo quality of the images clicked by these phones also has some differences even though they feature same camera specifications. While Moto G 3rd gen offers better photo outdoors, Mi 4i is more suitable for indoor photography. Yet, Mi 4i also has a bigger battery compared to Moto G 3rd gen.