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Moto E vs ASUS ZenFone C: Battery Life vs Camera Capabilities

Moto E vs ASUS ZenFone C- Compare before you buy!If you are looking for a budget phone that works as good as one of those high end smartphones, take a look at the Moto E and ASUS ZenFone C. Both phones have good smartphone capabilities, but which one is a better buy?

General features

ASUS ZenFone C scores a point over Moto E in terms of battery capacity as it has a battery of 2100 mAh compared to 1980 mAh in Moto E.

Additionally, the ASUS ZenFone C comes in three color options, namely red, black and white; while Moto E is available in traditional white and black colors only. Both phones have a capacitive touchscreen so where the ASUS ZenFone C comes in a screen size of 4.50 inches, the Moto E has a screen size of 4.30 inches.

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Storage capacity and camera performance

Both come with RAM of 1GB though ASUS ZenFone C scores over Moto E in terms of internal storage as it has a storage capacity of 8GB in comparison to 4GB internal storage in Moto E. Both perform in similar ways when it comes to camera capabilities as the rear camera is 5 megapixels.

However, Moto E does not have a front facing camera for the selfie crazy though ASUS ZenFone C has a minimal 0.3 ultra pixel front facing camera.

Both operate on Android 4.4 and come with Java support. Moto E has GPS capabilities, something which you will miss in ASUS ZenFone C. Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and ambient light sensor are the other facilities that are common to both the phones.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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