We have already seen Motorola’s Android smartwatch, the MOTO 360, which is till date the most interesting and ‘smart’ wearable device running on Google platform. Many other such devices flooded the market post its launch, but no one claimed to be the best. Once again, the rumor-mill suggests some good news as a ‘successor’ of the MOTO 360 could be coming soon. It will even have an exciting new nomenclature as ‘Smelt’.

A month ago, there was a news leak by a Lenono executive about Moto 360 successor SmeltMotorola’s alleged manufacturing of a new model for the smartwatch. Although that post was immediately removed from the net, the tech world has not forgotten it. Continuing with the same news, there is a new picture of ‘Smelt’ that has been making the rounds online.

Thin bezels, steel body and 360×360 pixels resolution–from the looks of it, the all-new MOTO 360 ‘Smelt’ will surely blow one’s mind away.

Like the original model, this will also run on Android 5.1, but one flaw that we are expecting to be corrected in the new one is the break-prone plastic back of the watch. We are hoping that the makers will give us an unbreakable back this time, so that the ‘smartwatch’ stays forever!

Customization of this new watch is also expected to be done by Moto Maker website of Motorola. For WiFi lovers, this new model will offer great connectivity using and help users stay online on the go!