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More iPhone 6 Release Date Rumours – Is Labour Day (2nd Septmember) D-Day for the iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 release date rumours are something to be expected and now we have one more – Labour Day, the 2nd of September might be the day the much awaited successor to the high selling  iPhone 5 get released. These rumours are gaining momentum because of claims that the official iOS 7 version will be ready to launch by then.

However, another rumour that is seemingly credible is from the German Tech Website iFun. They cite a “credible” source that state there will be two new iPhone devices coming in to the market on the 6th of September! The source says that these won’t be different colours or different memory specs as is the Apple norm, but will in fact be two completely different iPhones – possibly the iPhone 6 and a cheaper version of the iPhone

The new iPhone 6 is purported to have an A7 quad-core processor. There has also been talk of fingerprint sensors, sapphire crystal glass – to make it un-scratchable, acoustic input control and also wireless charging. The last will certainly be a sigh of relief for all those people that have experienced the quick battery drain on previous iPhones.

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So there we have it, more iPhone 6 release date rumours, no concrete information and Apple is as silent as the proverbial sphinx. 

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