The recruitment team was once the poster child of HR functions in every organisation. Before the advent of the LinkedIn era, networking was a daunting task for this HR team which involved attending social as well as professional events, making calls even just to say ‘Hi, how are you, what’s new’ to maintain the network as well as reaching out for upfront introductions, just to keep the contacts warm.

In simple words, recruiter was “HE-MAN – the power of a Company’s HR Universe,” who opened the door to a talent pool.

And then came winds of change…. the advent, rise and then boom of social media! Professional networking sites like LinkedIn as well as social media platforms like Facebook opened the floodgates of jobs to aspiring candidates anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Today social recruiting is the most-sought-after form of job recruitment that gets the employer a right candidate at click of a button.

So, let’s discuss how the “Modern Tech Landscape is Evolving Role Of Recruiters”

Modern Tech Landscape The Evolving Role of Recruiters
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1.Burgeoning Social-Media Driven Hiring

Employer branding landscape has been completely changed by the entry of Social Media in the recruitment universe.

Today sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and above them all LinkedIn give us a better insight into a talent pool as well as their current and past employers. And that too with just the click of a button! So, the modern-day recruiters have no option left but to actively leverage online platforms to build the best impressions of their company as well as the present employees.

“Background check on social media while hiring is a common phenomenon today. In-fact for a recruiter it’s hard to stay away from just going online and finding more about their potential future colleagues. There is a solid reasoning behind it too. People want to work with personable persons knowingly or unknowingly people tell pretty much everything about their lives through social media channels. As a recruiter it’s just easy to gauge the insights about someone quite easily provided they have their have their accounts available for public view,” explains Nitin Bhatia, Managing Director, at a Leading Social Media Intelligence software company.

2.Judging beyond the CVs

John Gale, Professor of Digital Media Management at Deakin University, Australia, explains, ” No longer a candidate is selected on the basis of a CV alone. They are scanned for their professional footprints on relevant platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow as well as LinkedIn and Quora.”

So how and why does this form of judgment works better nowadays?

Prof. Gale explains,” Actually it saves a lot of time. You can weed out the misfit candidate. And this can be done even without calling him her for the interview since his ‘her profile is pout in the open to be checked through reference as well as common connections. This is a more trustworthy process that is the fastest in the modern times.”

3.Data-Driven Decisions

These days recruiters are expected to make data-driven decisions to scoop out the best talent for the company.  The latest recruiting technology gathers data that is used to optimize recruiting strategy. This includes:

— streamlining job descriptions

— altering the interview process

— scoring & ranking candidates

— deciding their CTC as well as perks

“You might not believe this, but these days real time HR actions are driven by the data and analysis capabilities of latest recruitment technology. And this has a strong backbone of not just social media, but data-driven from mobile applications, social-recruiting sites, internal websites and more,” informs Camilla Stacey Smith, who is a famous author and a former leading HR consultant at the eminent Cambridge HR Solutions in England.

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 4.Enhance Candidate’s Experience as a Future Employee

John Gale, Professor of Digital Media Management at Deakin University, Australia says, ” Social media has a very ubiquitous nature. So, if the recruiter is not fair or up-to-the-mark in its interaction with a candidate, it will leave a one bad, lasting impression. Only those recruiters who adopt a candidate-centric approach, the same that they will do, if they meet in person will be beneficial to the company’s hiring process. Only these recruiters will get the company higher rates of hiring the best candidates, higher candidate satisfaction rates, an improved retention of the past employees as well as an enhanced performance of the newly hired ones, especially those who have come disappointed from the previous employees.

In short, changing recruitment scenario in the digital age doesn’t mean you lose the warmth and compassion in the name of fast-paced professionalism,” adds Sandhya R Khambata, HR manager at TechnoHire Solutions, Bangalore, India. brand.

5.Employer-Brand Building

Last but not the least, the advent of technology-and-social-media-driven recruitment should also ensure that a company must be established as brand where the candidate must love to work.

Sandhya R Khambata insists, “This is a must since it is not only essential to attract new talent, but also make the employer stand-out among its competitors. If the new-age technology has eased out the work of the recruiters, they must not forget that they have an added responsibility. Now no longer they are separate from the employer’s branding activity team, rather they are one of the faces of the same and thus have to adopt a more comprehensive approach where they need to act as an integral part of the company’s business’s marketing strategy.”

The race to attract the best talent is on….and the recruiters must excel it in the new-age way! There is no option. So, the best way is to understand, imbibe and adopt the above deeper insight into their evolving role. And thus, hire a team that can add value to the organisation in a highly volatile competitive scenario.