As Apple always stays tight-lipped about its new releases, the secretive nature makes it surface around a range of rumors.

Just a day prior to Apple’s big press event, alleged mock-up pictures of an iPad Mini hit the web via a Chinese website We checked with the Chinese site but they have taken down the pictures, which were later published by a French site,

This latest one in the Apple rumor mill depicts mocking pictures of a mini version of the firm’s famous iPad.

It still stays unclear whether these pics are of iPad Mini or are just another one in the league of rumors.

Another rumor, which has been going on for long is that iPad Mini is supposed to be released later this year in October.

Looking at the pics, the iPad Mini looks like a 7-inch model, which is same as the Galaxy, Google Nexus and the Kindle Fire.

With this mini version, Apple hopes to widen its base in the tablet market as its competitors offer tabs with almost similar features at a lower price.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s late co-founder once said in a statement that he had no plans of shrinking the iPad, but now it seems that the firm warmed up to the idea.